This will be possible in the new season due to the Act 1586-IX, which abolishes the discriminatory restriction on the import of samples of plant protection products for state trials and scientific research only after their registration in the country of production.

This was reported by with reference to the EBA press release.

The whole agrochemical market has been waiting for this event for more than five and a half years, as the said restriction has cost Ukrainian agriculture dozens of billions hryvnias of losses due to lost yield and a slightly less innovative range of pest and disease control mechanisms comparing to the neighboring countries.

It is not even a month since the Law was enacted, but businesses are already seeing the first results of its positive impact on agriculture. For example, the Agrochemical Committee of the European Business Association unites nine major international producers of innovative pesticides, who plan to begin testing a range of new generation products in the season autumn 2021-spring 2022.

Thanks to the Act, state trials and scientific research of more than 70 innovative products are expected to begin this season. These are brand new solutions, which are safer for human health and the environment, have lower costs than existing products and therefore lower residue levels.

In the formulations of these products, for the first time in many years, almost half a dozen new active ingredients and about 40 new combinations of active ingredients in preparations will be brought to market. This is a landmark and extremely important event, because the introduction of such a large number of innovative active ingredients and their combinations at once on the market is the key to sustainable agriculture and the fight against resistance of pests and diseases.

Registration of these preparations is planned for most cereals and oilseeds (wheat, maize, barley, rapeseed, sunflower) and pulses (soybeans, peas), sugar beet and potato.

In addition, the range of innovative products for so-called niche or minor crops will be significantly expanded. In particular, registration is planned for most stone fruits (apple, pear, peach, cherry, cherry), rice, cabbage, onion, tomato, grapes, even hazelnut. This state of affairs is important because the lack of a wide range of high quality and innovative products is one of the factors that inhibit the export of such crops, directly slowing down the development of these sectors.

It is worth mentioning that the adoption of the Law is also important from the investment point of view. Already this season, investment in Ukrainian agrochemical science will increase by at least 30-50%. This will provide an opportunity to modernize equipment and create new jobs for young scientists across the country. In addition, Ukrainian scientists will have the opportunity to work with the latest compounds on a par with their foreign counterparts, will accelerate the introduction of modern standards to assess the safety of drugs.

The agrochemical community welcomes the adoption of the law and is ready to further develop sustainable agriculture in Ukraine and invest in its innovation component.


Source: Propozytsiiia


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