UPhos Organic+

UPhos Organic+

This innovative product is made using controlled aerobic fermentation technology for organic agricultural waste. During production, a biomass fermentation process takes place in special cells, which is unique in terms of agrochemistry, as it allows us to preserve all the useful elements of the raw material to the maximum, transforming them into more accessible forms for plants, while sterilising the biomass from weed seeds and harmful microflora.

The resulting semi-product is crushed on special equipment, which reduces the loss of useful substances during production. The output is a granular organic fertilizer Chicken Granulated Compost, which has the following characteristics:

Granulometric composition: spherical granule with a diameter of 2-7 mm

Chemical composition: moisture 10-15% pH 6,0-7,0

The main purpose of the fertilizer is to prevent soil degradation, increase microbiological activity, reduce the loss of useful elements by leaching, increase the content of organic matter, make the soil an optimum growing medium for all agricultural crops.

The biggest advantage of fertilizer is its organic component. Exactly thanks to organic components, earth reproduces its humus layer, and useful bacteria, which are in the soil, activate their activity, enter into symbiosis with plants. These micro-organisms improve soil structure, release antibiotics against pathogenic bacteria, nitrogen-fixing bacteria saturate the soil with atmospheric nitrogen and metabolism is improved.

We can enrich the fertilizer with the necessary micro- and macro-nutrients on the cutomer's request!

Granulated Carbonate Lime

Granulated Carbonate Lime

RivTrade granulated lime is a 2-5 mm granule made from very finely ground calcium carbonate. The product is designed to raise the pH level quickly and can be used for all types of crops at any time.

Due to its granular form, UPhos granulated lime can be applied with a standard spreader, which eliminates the need to rent special equipment.

Granulated lime can be applied in small doses annually, or once every two years. This measure is justified by the fact that the high concentration of calcium in HCPs, which occurs when liming with doses of 2 to 10 t / ha, negatively affects the absorption of phosphorus, potassium and almost all micronutrients.

This is why liming has to be sensible. Too much calcium is worse than not enough, and applying an even, precisely dosed, granular lime is nearly impossible.

Advantages of UPhos granulated carbonate lime

  • Quickly raises the pH of the soil;
  • Can be applied evenly in small doses of 50 to 500 kg/ha;
  • Applicable in precision farming;
  • The granules do not break when applied;
  • Convenient packaging: 50, 500, 1000 kg;
  • Spreading width: 24-36 m;
  • An excellent source of calcium;

NPK Efficiency depending on soil pH

  pH 4,5 pH 5,0 pH 5,5 pH 6,0 pH 6,5
N 30% 43% 77% 89% 100%
P2O5 23% 31% 48% 52% 100%
K2O 33% 52% 77% 100% 100%

Application rates

Soil  Lime profile depth, cm
25 kg/ha 15 кг/га 10 кг/га
Sandy and sandy loam 600 360 240
Light and medium loams 1000 600 400
Heavy loam and clay 1250 750 500



Granulated dolomite meal

Granulated dolomite meal

Granulated dolomite meal is a fertilizer made of finely ground dolomite flour. It combines magnesium and calcium and is effective even on soils with low pH. The granule size of 2 to 6 mm facilitates an even spreading.

Chemical composition

MgO 16%
CaO  28%

Advantages of granulated dolomite  meal:

  • Magnesium, effective on acidified soils
  • Increases the pH level of the soil
  • Improves the soil structure
  • Promotes the humus building
  • Simple use and application (stipp-till, no-till)

Application rates

200-1000 kg/ha depending on crop requirements, soil pH and agrochemical soil analysis


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